A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released a new Windows 10 19H2 update (1909 update) to insiders inthe Slow Ring. There's nothing remarkable about that (other than the delay releasing it), but there was one potentially significant change included in the release notes for the build.

"We have enabled the ability for enterprises to supplement the Windows 10 in S Mode policy to allow traditional Win32 (desktop) apps from Microsoft Intune."

What this means, and why it is significant is as follows:

Windows S was initially devised for educational devices only, featuring a "cut down" version of Windows 10 that would only allow Universal Apps from the Microsoft Store. This would allow MS to make cheaper, more secure devices, such as the Surface Go tablets and some of the Surface Laptop range.

However, Microsoft very soon admitted that it is possible to "upgrade" Windows 10 S mode to "normal" Winows 10, simply by clicking on a few buttons (or by entering a new product code). This meant that it was now possible to purchase a Windows S device and instantly "upgrade" it to be a fully fledged version of Windows.

The change announced with this build of Windows 19H2 means that it is now possible to have the "best of both worlds", whereby Windows remains locked down S mode, yet administrators (typically in educational establishments) will be able to publish Win32 apps to their corporate "store" curtosey of Intune (which is Microsoft's Mobile (and Winidows) Device Management tool).

... this could be big for schools, other educational establishments, and some corporates...

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