MS SQL Server versions

A simple table to help convert SQL server release names (i.e. SQL Server 2017) to versions

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Patches required after major CPU bug found

Details emerged last night of a major security snaffu in current and previous generation intel x86 processors (CPUs) along with those of some other manufacturers. This has resulted in Microsoft, Linux, Google and Apple needing to immediately make available kernel patches which are expected to cause between 5 and 30% performance degradation on most devices.

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Exchange Server versions

This is not of much interest to anyone, unless you suddenly need to restore a system's health, and need to know the internal build numbers of Exchange.

Without further ado; the list of Exchange versions from 5.5 to 2013 SP1.

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WannaCrypt: the hype, the reporting, the truth

The world and it's dog have been bashing away at reporting the recent cyber / security / hacking / terrorism / world-ending / NHS-targeting / death-to-all-humans computer worm which did the rounds last week.( pick whichever title you want, I'm sure they've all been used) The problem is, that while most of the reporting has been accurate to at least some degree, pretty much all of it, even some from respected technology websites, has been over-sensationalised and misleading. Let's look at some of the facts & hype in this case:

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