Upgrade Win10 Home to Pro for free

Microsoft helpfully allow you to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro (on devices such as the Surface Go) by simply entering a new product key. The issue is, you have to purchase said key from the Microsoft store at a cost of over £90.

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Get all instances of Office365 "user@domain.com"

Get all instances of "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." on an on-prem / Office365 environment

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Connect Powershell to Office365

To connect Powershell to Office365 (with MSOnline module and ExhangeOnline modules loaded - run on an on-prem Exchange server for full benefits)
((Powershell 5.1 or better needed!)

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Remove EN-US in Windows 1803

In Windows 10 release 1803 Microsoft have managed to create a new bug whereby on some localised (i.e. non US English ) computers, you suddenly fiind US English has been installed and is non-removable using the new Languages Settings applet.

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Set Exchange mailbox permissions for users

To give an user (USER2) permissions to a different user's (USER1) calendar / contacts etc. run the following PowerShell commands on the Exchange server:

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Creating a UEFI bootable Windows installer

Creating a UEFI bootable Windows installer USB stick or HDD should be easy these days, but for whatever reason it remains one of those awkward things to do.

Consequently, I've put together some instructions for creating a UEFI bootable USB installer from a Windows installation ISO.

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Using Windows "Storage Spaces" to make a home NAS - Part 1

After the repeated failure of my QNAP NAS, I decided the time had come to start experimenting on how to build my own. In this, the first part of a series of articles, I'll go through hardware choice and show you how to get Windows installed and running FROM an SD card (something Microsoft say you can't do).

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